5 Reasons you Should NEVER Hire a Blog Designer!

Learn to Design your own blog!
OK … before we get started … I know what you may be thinking!  ”Ro .. You ARE a blog designer!  Why are you telling me to NOT hire you … or any other blog designer?”

Well … you can still hire me if you want to … and I’m happy to design an awesome blog for you.  But … I wanted to let you know a few reasons why I feel you don’t need to hire a designer.  And more importantly .. why it’s actually in your best interest to design your blog yourself.

The 5 reasons you should NEVER hire a blog designer are:
  1. It’s all about YOU!   It’s YOUR blog … and YOU should be in full control.  You dream it up … you find the inspiration .. you design it.  It’s your vision.  Your blog is all about you … shouldn’t your design be all you too?
  2. Keep it FRESH:   After you learn how easy it really is, you’ll be able to change your design whenever you want a fresh look. Change it seasonally … or whenever you feel like a makeover!  Keep things fresh and exciting on your blog.  Engage your visitors with a whole new look!
  3. Save MONEY!  Sure … you can pay a designer to design your blog … OR … you can save the money and do it yourself!  Custom designs can cost hundreds .. if not thousands of dollars!  Keep that money.  Go spoil your kids and do your own blog design.
  4. Help OTHERS:  Once you design you own blog … people may start asking about it!  Who knows … you may get a few bloggy friends wanting to pay YOU $$ for designing their blogs too!  (This is actually how I started my blog design business.  I had never planned on being a blog designer!  It just happened.  And this is exactly how!)
  5. It’s EASY & FUN!  The process of designing your own blog is actually quite simple …and really fun!  But beware though … it’s addictive!  Once you get started … you may want to change up your blog often!  Yes … It’s that much fun!!.

See … I told you!  There are so many reasons why YOU TOO should consider taking control of your blog and doing your own blog design.

But HOW … you may be thinking!

Are you interested in learning more about designing your own blog?  Well … the first thing I suggest is to find a course that teaches you … step-by-step HOW TO create, code, and install your design.

It should be a course that teaches you step-by-step, in plain, easy-to-understand English (Unless you like the Techie talk!) It should teach in a friendly & inviting way … so that it eliminates all fears of coding and the unknown.

It should be a course that after teaching you what to do … then gives you all the tools to go do it … AND offers you personal coaching and support to ‘hold your hand’ and answer any further questions  that you may have.

Welcome to the MBD Training Center!

The MBD Training Center is an online course designed for creative mommies (and daddies too!) who want to take control of their own blog & web designs.

They want to get past their fear of code, get their creative juices flowing, and follow a simple (and fool-proof!) step-by-step plan to design their own space in internet land!

In the Training Center … I walk you step-by-step through designing a blog …right from creating the design in Photoshop … into teaching the basics of HTML & CSS … then right into installing the design on 3 of the biggest blogging platforms (Blogger, WordPress & Weebly) … and we finish up with a course on extending the design into Social Media.

If YOU would like to TAKE CONTROL of your blog design … and never have to hire a blog designer again … then have a look around at the MBD Training Center!


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